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Accent à droite, bitch!

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my gf knew that i was gonna be scared if she left and i stayed home by myself all night but i didnt listen and now i am scared :(

 Ballet Folclórico de la Ciudad de México.

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Zuhair Murad at Couture Fall 2013 - Details


Today, you eat the world. Today, today you will become a hero, eh! Okay? [x}


Evgenia Obraztsova, La Sylphide

she is truly a born sylph!

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Samira Wiley as James Dean photographed by Sid Avery

Mikhailovsky Ballet dancers in ‘Le Corsaire.’ 

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"I am the daughter of two parents that were deported from this country, I’m not ashamed of it. It’s a problem here in America and it happened to me." Guerrero’s family, including her older brother, was deported when she was 14. “I was the only one left because I was born in Jersey,” she says. “My entire family was just ripped apart.” Guerrero was taken in by two Colombian families that she was close with, but her circumstances left the aspiring actress growing up with feelings of insecurity and hopelessness. "I didn’t think anything was going to happen for me," she says. "I had dreams, but always told myself, ‘Nah, that would never happen.’ For a poor Latina, acting wasn’t a reality."


Dazed and Confused (1993)


A collage of my fave makeup looks since I’ve worked at MAC these past few months ❤️

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i found the apt of my dreams but i don’t have the deposit yet


Anna osadcenko!